Launch an Online Web-To-Print Ordering Solution for Your Print Shop or Enterprise

Put your print business online and extend your market reach, gain new customers and grow your revenue. Increase your relevance to customers with static and variable print-on-demand offerings and impress them with a new set of capabilities.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow


PersonalEffect StoreFlow includes the Xerox FreeFlow Core pre-press automation module enabling store administrators to pre-define multi-step workflows that automate pre-press functions required for an efficient production process. PersonalEffect StoreFlow leverages XMPie’s proven XLIM document format and composition engine with an easy-to use creative workflow using Adobe® InDesign® and XMPie uCreate™. PersonalEffect StoreFlow includes everything required to cost-effectively scale your business through the Web.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro


With PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro, the Adobe InDesign Server is added to the configuration to provide the greatest creative flexibility in the industry by enabling pixel perfect design and supporting an end-to-end InDesign workflow. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro also provides greater processing power to handle highly active storefronts as well as operations with larger production volumes.

Why XMPie?

  • XMPie continues to the lead the way in Customer Communications Management (CCM) with a commitment to product innovation, performance and service.
  • Our technology seamlessly connects to databases to generate personalized multichannel campaigns perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Together with key functionalities such as analytics, campaign management, automation, and more, XMPie solutions can deliver campaigns that bring about exceptional results.
  • As the CCM market continues to move forward from print alone to digital, mobile and multichannel, customers can be assured that their investment in XMPie will continue to serve the market as it shifts.
  • With XMPie there is no compromise on creative design or workflow-flexibility.
  • Add personalization to all of your channels and still be assured that brand requirements are satisfied.
  • Our technology is native to Adobe InDesign CC and unlike proprietary platforms that require a document conversion process prior to tagging, XMPie personalized output remains pixel-perfect and true to what the designer intended.
  • The flexibility of our platform is second to none. Unlike our competitors, our products are extendable platforms that can be customized to any environment or need.
  • Our open architecture and API’s enable the greatest flexibility for integration with other internal systems or 3rd party applications. Build on our platform to create any solution imaginable.
  • Start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.
  • No matter where you are in the family of XMPie products, you can easily add power and functionality as the business grows.
  • Move from a desktop workstation to server, single-server to multi-server, or from print-only to full Cross-media (multichannel) capabilities, without losing any of your work.
  • We have the technology you need for making the transition to becoming a multichannel marketer.

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