Data Driven Print and VDP
Power your communications with variable data.
Win with advanced flexible design-to-production workflows.

Supercharge your documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your audience’s attention. Automate the production of personalized print campaigns that will motivate recipients to respond. XMPie’s open architecture lets you start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.

uDirect Classic

Produce powerful personalized print campaigns

uDirect Classic helps businesses of all sizes create and produce graphically rich documents individualized to each recipient using a single easy-to-use desktop VDP solution. uDirect Classic supports file formats that are tailored for production-grade variable data output such as PPML, PDF and PDF/VT.

uDirect Studio

Add personalized images and charts

uDirect Studio builds on uDirect Classic with the addition of our uImage and uChart creative tools to create communications with even more impact and relevance. Add memorable personalized uImages created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; and stylized, data-driven, personalized charts produced with uChart.

PersonalEffect Print

For high volume, high speed production workflows

PersonalEffect Print includes all the tools necessary to create and manage a large library of dynamic document templates and produce a high volume of variable data output.

PersonalEffect Print Pro

The ultimate in creative freedom

PersonalEffect Print Pro builds on PersonalEffect Print with the addition of the Adobe InDesign Server software for the production of creatively sophisticated dynamic output. If you work with variable documents that utilize all of InDesign’s advanced text properties or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Server included with PersonalEffect Print Pro will provide the ultimate in creative freedom.

Enterprise Print

Tailor your XMPie VDP solution to suit your business needs

Enterprise Print is a server-based, scalable and configurable platform focusing on VDP production. This platform includes all the fundamental components required to custom-build a cluster configuration and meet the business needs of those who require maximum flexibility and robustness. By providing a tailored platform, you can add components, as needed, to address the type of production processes they wish to support and at the level of fault tolerance required to keep their businesses running comfortably and smoothly.

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