Assess and Optimize

Our analytics-based approach will help you understand the full scope of your print environment across both Xerox and non-Xerox devices. We’ve created a print assessment tools architecture that incorporates thin, thick and cloud-based technology for local, regional and global support. This means we can work in whatever environment you have. Xerox’s innovative analytics tools, like Asset DB and CompleteView Pro, support data uploads and live data exchanges with external systems. This avoids errors and incomplete information. In-line data validation ensures data is accurate and aligns with your organizational environment. The operating and environment details we capture and analyze, including industry-specific benchmarking, are used to create a consolidated presentation that is the baseline for the first stage of Next Generation MPS.

Find out where you are now.

Accurate savings analytics start with a detailed print assessment of your current operating environment and a thorough assessment of your document workflow. We get this insight by:
  • Helping you understand current total cost of ownership (TCO) and current costs. We use a structured quick, full or custom project-based Assessment Service and tailor it to your needs.
  • Evaluating current operating costs and performance of any in-place Xerox three-tier meter devices and the potential savings opportunities introduced through the use of Xerox three-tier meter devices.
  • Assessing your current operations in terms of overall power and carbon consumption, including paper and trees.
  • Providing an intelligent and dynamic solution design enabled through our Xerox MPS tools platform.
  • Providing solution modeling and real-time, what-if scenarios that extend your insight past current TCO comprehension and into future TCO savings associated with the modeled scenario.
  • Reviewing the benefits of a proposed solution design against your actual physical site map and lay out future designs that capture, incorporate and validate against your print policy.
  • Providing analytics that enable fact-based discussions and designs across the organization.
  • Tailoring data collection to your business using our powerful tools and proven processes.

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